nordic house

Hey guys and gals, decided to start a wee project making a nordic style scene, so i thought why not a house and backdrop. Please feel free to comment as i need as much help as possible, so here is the scene so far:

i know there is a couple of issues with the scene that need sorted but i only started like 3 hours ago so i will get there.

So please let me know what you think and i would be very happy for some constructive critism

cheers :smiley:

Planning to work on:

  1. improving the textures of the grass and building
  2. add a small amount of snow fall to the roof and more to the grass
  3. add a chimney from the roof with a glow and smoke effect
  4. add more substance to the snow fall and possibly find a more effective sky map
  5. finish up with cleaning up the compositing and general overall scene

I wouldn’t say it’s completely unbelievable, however

So far so good. Looking forwards to your updates.

You probably should add snowflakes to that list.

small update, not had much time to work on it recently, added a chimney and smoke and played about with the textures a bit, i know the thatch texture is a bit screwed up but that’s getting fixed.

Having a bit of a problem with the smoke as well, can anyone help me with getting more light to pass through the smoke particle cloud as there is too much of a shadow this now for my liking?