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Hi all,

First post here on BA. Hope you like it! any feedback is welcome.

(Click on the image to see full resolution)

Blender 2.79
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Filmic Blender


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Excellent. Look forward to seeing more.

Welcome to the forums! Looks like you hit a really consistent detail level! The floor texture is a bit too low-res compared to the rest of the detail in the scene, especially the texture on the tropical leaf. Otherwise, well done!

Just on a composition note, it’s not quite balanced, there’s too much blank space for it to feel filled out, but to little for the negative space to be a feature. I recommend committing to one or the other, but it’s really a stylistic choice.

nice! reminds me of ikea ads

@georg Thanks so much! more is coming soon :slight_smile: .
@dudecon You are right about the floor texture, I missed that!. Thanks for the composition tip, and for taking the time to create an example to illustrate your point, I really appreciate it.
@marinapo Thanks! I’m starting simple focusing on details, I want to do a few more simple sets before moving on to more complex scenes.