Normal and location of face under mouse

(Pseudonym) #1

I’m working on a script, and i need to find the face normal and location of a ray cast from the current view through the mouse.
Is there a easy way to do this?
if not, what is the hard way?

(LetterRip) #2

check the code in sculptmesh which does that or I think there were some nice helper functions for raycasting addded to the python api for 2.4


(Pseudonym) #3

i’ll look into the new python api.
I’m currently disecting the sculptmesh script i have, but it looks like the section i want is not commented verry well.

(LetterRip) #4

I have better documented the function a bit locally but haven’t uploaded it yet, (don’t know where I put my comments offhand, but are on my drive somewhere)

I can post the better documented version if you like…


(Pseudonym) #5

that would be great! thanks. i’ll post my script when it’s done. (well, i’m not sure any python script is ever DONE, but when it basicly works…)

(celeriac) #6

raycasting ? where ?