Normal Bake issue

I used the search function but couldn’t find a solution to the exact nature of my problem. Below are two things that occur when I try to bake a normal map. I’ve been following this tutorial, but am stuck because either my bakes result in no detail (image 1) or they result in a combination of both the low and high poly models (image 2). I don’t know what I’m doing wrong, I’m following that tutorial to the T and I’ve tried to hold shift and choose both models before baking, but that didn’t work. I must be missing something, and I was hoping that I could get some help. I also would like to ask if anyone knows of any tutorials that are similar to that but a bit more fool proof, as I keep stumbling while following this one, and each time I lose motivation to keep using Blender.

I am not sure that this is the answer to your problem but the tutorial omitted the step to Set Smooth for both low and high res models. The images in the tutorial appear to have done this but I see that you have not.


Here is my checklist (2.49) for baking normals:

To turn a high poly model into a low poly model using normal maps.

  • Create high poly model. It is not necessary to unwrap it. In fact, application of a material to it may interfere with bake process.

  • Create a low poly version co-located with the high poly model.

  • Add material to the low poly version with a new texture: map to UV and affect Normal. Set Normal value to 1.0

  • In UV editor, create new image. Unwrap the low poly model.

  • In the Texture: Texture panel, select the type as Image. Select the newly created image in the Texture: Image panel. Select Nomal Map in the Texture: Map Image panel.

  • Select the high poly model followed by Shift-click select low poly model.

  • In the Bake panel, select Selected to Active and Normals and Tangent for the Normal Space (pull down).

  • Bake

    The new normal texture should be applied to the low poly model. It can be viewed in Render or with GLSL materials and a textured viewport. If the normal texture appears greenish instead of bluish, the normals of the high poly object need to be flipped.