Normal baking and texture paint issue

Hey, guys.

I’m fairly new to Blender and visual design in general, and I have a question that I have been searching for days for.

So, after unwrapping my object in blender (a head of a character), I’ve baked in the normal map from a high-res to a low-res. After creating a material and a texture to apply the normal map to the low-res, when I go in to texture paint with a new image selected in the uv viewer, as well as in the texture menu, I cannot paint on anything other than the normal map. I’ve tried countless tutorials and nothing has worked. The paint is not applying correctly to the object, as well btw.

Does anybody have any familiarity with this problem or suggestions?

If I have been unclear with any of the steps, feel free to ask me to elaborate. As I said, I’m still new and probably not adept at explaining the problem.