Normal Baking Trouble

Hello there. I have been having some trouble with normal baking (I am quite new to blender). I am trying to make a die. After the bake is finished, I get the edge detail of the high poly mesh on the maps, but the numbers don’t show up at all. What I did is use the text object, change the font, type out my numbers, extrude it a couple cm, then convert it to a mesh and align everything to where it should be.

When I used a boolean modifier to attach the numbers to my high poly die, the numbers showed up in the bake, but there were lots of artifacts. In my most recent attempt, I filled everything in (cut out the bottom faces of the numbers and attached them to the cube) to make it all one object. What can I do to get this map baked out right? Here is my .blend file: Dice(6).3.blend (1.44 MB) Thanks in advance.

  1. the number protrude a bit, so make sure you have a higher ray cast distance. (like 1.0, i believe default is 0.1)
  2. normal maps cant do striaght 90 degree angles, so try shrinking (alt S, set target to individual face centers? not median point, selected object cener or 3d cursor) the number faces a bit to creat slopes on their sides.