Normal blender 2.8 scene file size?

Hi everyone ! I’m sorry if the question was already raised, but since I thought I may have an issue and couldn’t find the answer, here it comes :
My default blender 2.8 scene is just a cam and 3 lights, and if I save this file, the filesize is around 130 MB.
Is it ok ? I was wondering if it’s a normal filesize for Blender 2.8 scenes
(Note : external data is automatically pack into .blend is checked)

130MB wow. Here’s a 2.8 blend file with nothing but the default items:- light, camera and cube. It comes in at 600KB Default.blend (599.9 KB)

Damned ^^’. So I really have a problem. I will try to delete the cam and lights first see how it goes. Thanks for the blend.


Have you bake something? Indirect Lighting in Eevee or some simulation?

Thank you for your help DamianJ, txusmiCG.
I didn’t exactly check yet (I didn’t thought about indirect lighting in eevee) but my guess is that it could come from a sculpting brush pack that I append to my default scene.
Now I’m using the default .blend kindly provided by DamianJ, and that seems to be sufficient. If I ever need the pack, I will most likely use it per project.