normal consistence

hi there

ive got a 3d model of a landscape and have tried making the normals consistent but all it seems to do is make a few of the normals consistent. when i apply the ‘make normals consistent’ function a second time all that happens is the normals flip.

has anyone got any suggestsions?

im trying to prepare the model to be CNC routed if thats any help.

also, im not sure if its to do with this but my boolean modifier doesnt seem to be working well. all in all what i want to do is make all the normals face the same way and then intersect the buildings i have into the model so that when its routed there are holes that i can slot the building models into.

again. any help would be amazing!

here is the file if you want to have a look:

Remove doubles and remove all those faces that are inside your mesh connecting the top and bottom surfaces.

Both of these issues will prevent a good normal recalculation.


looks like ive got a about a million small faces missing thats why there are those edges extruding down. i was thinking maybe subdivide a plane and shrinkwrap it to the plane? think that would work? bearing in mind that i need to keep the roads in (the model has currently been built round the roads so the edges follow their curves properly)