Normal count changes when importing/exporting .obj

I’m trying to make meshes for a game I play, meshes have to be in .obj format but when I import or export the mesh, blender alters the normal count and the mod maker for the game I play does not accept meshes with different poly/vert/edge/and normal counts - they have to be the same.

It doesn’t happen with all meshes, but I was wondering if there was a way to force blender to import the exact normals from the .obj files without changing the count of them in any way.

Is there some settings I should be selecting?

I use the default .obj import settings in blender 2.79b and default export settings, except I untick write materials. Unticking “write normals” on export doesn’t achieve much so… Appreciate any help, because this is happening even to unedited meshes. Thanks.

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What exactly do you mean by normal count?
As a guess try also exporting with Keep Vertex Order option checked.

As in… the amount of normals in the mesh. Idk better phrasing for it, I just know that I get different normal counts when exporting from blender, than I do in 3ds max which preserves the original normal count of the meshes except I don’t have as much experience with that program so I would prefer if I could get blender to not do stuff to the normals.

Keep vertex order when importing seems to merge all my submeshes into one which is not ideal because the submeshes contain the lods for the game and those have to be separate submeshes. If you meant on exporting, it doesn’t work either, normal count still changes.