Normal language to phyton code gp3

There is a IA generator, that translates normal English to compiled and running phyton code. Is made with GPT3 Link
Have anyone tried it to make adons on Blender?

GPT3 has most likely never seen the Blender Python API and as such, would likely not be of any use.
As far as I know, the access to GPT3 is still very limited. From my point of view, it would not make sense to build such an addon.

Reality Check (nothing for enthusiasts!)

Even if it was trained specifically for Blender, it is important to realize that those are fancy toys as of today. If you are lucky, you get something useful in some cases. There are plenty of videos on YouTube where people got access to GPT3 and the results ranged from surprising to completely useless. However, that was for toy examples. Anything that is useful in practice is orders of magnitude more complicated and it is unrealistic to expect anything useful.

Edit: To avoid a misunderstanding. I think those sorts of solutions are going to be amazing. They are just not there yet. In a few years, it might be practically viable.


Tbh, python is one of the programming languages that comes the closest to normal English, it’s easy to learn and very powerful.

Once you get the hang, it literally feels like writing in plain English.

To me, writing Python code has always been very far away from writing in plain English.

However, for this topic, I don’t think it is relevant. It doesn’t change the fact that such language models have only been successfully used for toy examples. Translating a vague formulation into a precise program is quite challenging and there are no signs that we are close to having a solution which is close to being practically usable.