Normal map and smoothing

Will the smoothing artefact showing on the viewport apear in a backed normal map? If so will an edge split solve the problem and, if it is, do I have to edge split the low poly model too?

Figuring it will be all triangle in the end since I make a model for a video game mod, I dont bothered a lot with topology and now I m wondering if it was an error.

Also I am planning on using Xnormal to do the normal map as I reed good coment on this software somthing in this forum. Is it still better than blender normal backing?

I am far from having finished the high poly model but I figured I start asking question before I pass 3 day doing everything the wrong way. ^^

I think normals maps work in addition to the existing topology, so, if there is an artifact on your model surface, it will likely still be visible after a normals map is applied.

I mean artefact on the high poly model that will be used to generate the normal map. I was efectively not that well defined in my question.

For your answear, I hope you are wrong. I’m atempting to define the hard and smooth edge by the normal map since that what I read to do in a moder forum. ^^