Normal map baking bug?


I’m having this problem in Blender where the normal map is shown differently as it should be, when the UV of the mesh are mirrored. I reported a bug to the tracker and got a reply that the normal map is messy and that blender works just fine.
Apparently the normal map itself is messy. If you compare this normal map I found on the internet and this one, that was made in blender you can hopefully see the difference in where the green and red parts are.

Now what confuses me is how can a normal map be messy if it was made entirely in Blender? Did I make some mistake with the normal map baking or didn’t see something crucial? Is perhaps the normal map baker buggy?

Any help is appreciated.

I have often seen the normal maps bake in reverse. Which appears to be what happened with your map. The bump is in instead of out. I have seen other threads about this. Search the forum for normal map problem and see what you find.