Normal Map Baking Problem

Hi blenderheads,

I got a problem about normal map baking which is annoying. When i try to bake normal map from high poly to low poly baking ends so bad. To inform you about what i did for resolve this problem.

These steps that i tried;

  • objects are mirrored for using uv space efficiently.
  • auto smoothed low poly objects, then i marked sharp edge to which sharp angles(30 degree).then i marked seam them.
  • tried cage object with duplicated low poly object with displacement modifier (0.025 strength)
  • tried 8 bit and 32bit float image.

these are steps that i tried to bake appropriately but none of these didnt solve this problem.

If there is someone who got enough knowledge about normal map baking i would so appreciate. And if anyone show up i will share my model files to check my model because i will go crazy about these normal map baking problems. :confused:

Thank you.