Normal Map Baking Problem

Hi, I’ve got a high poly model, and a low poly model. I’ve UV unwrapped both models properly. I’ve created a color texture for the low poly one and used that to UV map it.

To create the normal map, I then move the low poly one directly on top of the high poly one, create a new image in the image editor and call it ‘normals’. Then I do the bake normals name, and I find out that my color map has been overwritten INSTEAD of the still blank ‘normals’ image. I’ve tried everything I can think of.

How can I get it to bake to the right image?

U need to assign the faces to the new image. That is done by going into editmode selecting all the faces on the low poly model and going into the UV-editor. Then select the image u want to bake onto in the dropdown.

It overwrote the colorimage because the faces were assigned to the image.

Arggg… Yea… My internet was down earlier today, and I’d figured that out but couldn’t get here to say so earlier.

Thanks man!