Normal Map Baking

Okay, for some reason most of my model is baking all right-ish but one part isn’t. It’s unaffected more or less. I can’t seem to figure it out. Any help?

EDIT: It’s the front iron sight


Just why?..

Could we see both the low-poly and the high-poly mesh? Even better would be the blend file. Also: try recalculating normals.

Here are the low and high polys. For some reason it’s not baking at all. The part in the UV is completely blank. Normals are fine as well.

Doesn’t look like the low-poly and high-poly actually match up well. For starters separate the iron sight from the AK barrel(selects the geometry you wish to separate and hit P-key in edit mode). Also have you used a control cage for the baking?

Rest of my mesh baked more or less completely fine, so I didn’t see the need to use a cage for this(never tried that either). Also I did explode everything before baking and made sure they aligned properly.