Normal Map Bleeding onto it self

Iv been trying to figure out how to Bake my normal textures for a while now, and when ever I do so, THIS is the outcome.

Overlapping geometry? Not good! The normal map does map to the nearest surface.
(It would be better to show the same object with/without normals and maybe the mesh to show us.)

Very sorry i shared so little. This is the .blend file for it, if that helps. Thank you for your time aswell.

Overlapping geo!(With mesh i meant a wireframe screenshot of the mesh to show.

So, with the overlapping geomitry. Would I need to fix it for the high poly aswell? also here, my bad.

This here is the low poly. the high poly aswell, has the same overlapping.

I found the answer thank you. Ctrl+F>Intersect Knife and in the control window. Self Intersect. Doing that for that high poly and the low, worked like a charm.