Normal map? Bump map? Specular map?

I used normal maps, which fake bumps on a model. I’d like to know the difference between a bump map and a normal map.
And also, I discovered “specular maps” in this video:

How do you create a specular map? I don’t recall seeing it in the bake options.:confused:


Displacement, bump & normal maps:

Specular maps… quick and dirty ways to make them are to convert greyscale and adjust the brightness/contrast. Alternatively can use threshold of you want something more severe. You could also purchase a program such as CrazyBump to do it or hand paint them.

Hope that helps some.

It’s worth noting that normal maps actually cost less than bump maps overall- they take more memory, but they save a lot of processing time, as a bump map has to be converted into normals before it can be used anyways. The normal map has this process done beforehand, and saves precious CPU (or GPU) time. This is why almost no game engine in existence uses bump maps.

It’s also worth noting that normals without specular looks like crap- this is why so many current (“next gen” whatever that means) games look like everything is made of the same rubbery plastic. Specular maps are incredibly important, as they tell you what material the surface is made of, but they’re often overlooked since they can’t just be baked and done with.

Thanks a lot guys!

@Quandtum- Thanks for the link!
@Captain Oblivion- Thanks for noting that! Now I know why all my GLSL models look like they are made of the same rubbery plastic.:smiley: