Normal Map causes stange shadows (PBR shader)

Hello everyone,

i need your help with Normal maps and the PBR shader. Its the first time for me baking normal maps and using the PBR shader in blender. I’ve modeled a cyborg arm for my 3D character and first modeled a highpoly mesh and baked the normal and diffuse textures to the lowpoly mesh. Diffuse works fine but the normalmap causes some really strange shadows.
I think its better explained in pictures so here you go:

Highpoly mesh:

Baked Normalmap:

Normalmap on Lowpoly mesh with strange shadows:

Normalmap on Lowpoly mesh with subsurf shader and different lighting:

Things i’ve tried:

1.) Using Autosmooth and edgesplit modifier on lowpoly - nothing changed
2.) Disconnecting Normal map to see if if the geometry is the problem.
Geometry with diffusemap works fine:

3.) Using a higher “Ray distance” Value baking the Normalmap, output remains the same
4.) Recalculating normals on highpoly before baking - Nothing changed

Here is my Node setup btw:

Has anyone a idea what is wrong with my Normalmap and how to bake it properly?

Thread was invisible bacause of beginner limitations

Anyone? :frowning:

Problem solved: Normal map was set to 4k and 32bit float. For some reasons the colors are wrong and so you get these stange shadows. Set to lower resolution and don’t go 32bit solved the problem for me.