Normal Map Distortion When posed

My rigged and posed models have a normal map and it works fine in the display, but when I play the BGE it displays inverted on some areas. it seems as long as the model is in its original T-posed state it displays fine but once anything is rotated or posed in a different direction it begins to gradually distort depending on how far the pose veers away from the original T-pose. Interestingly enough I think the Modifiers help fix this issue some how. If you use a subdivision Modifier it fixes the issue but if you apply it then the error continues to persist. Any ideas or help? I’ve kind of hit a wall with this and no one has been able to help yet.

Show us your nodes and your normal map, with your mesh’s UV. If your mesh has multiple UV maps, show us the map you’re using for your (presumably) tangent space normal map node.

Suggests problems with your triangulation flipping. Triangulate (on “fixed”) before deforming and see if it improves.

Thank you so much!

I’m not using the nodes system im just using the regular default system in the menus. I tried triangulating and it doesn’t fix anything. not sure how to used this “fixed” option. when i triangulate it doesn’t give me an option for anything else.

Also I tried other Modifiers like the Edge Split Modifier and that also worked. I just turned it on with all its settings disabled and it fixes the problem as long as I don’t apply the modifier. At least that Modifier doesn’t cause any slow down or anything so its a sort of fix haha. Still open for any other true fixes though.

Oh, I’m sorry, I can’t really speak to old Blender Internal stuff. Spaced the BGE thing.

I think you probably ought to specify a UV map for your normal map, that it probably shouldn’t be in sRGB space, and that that image doesn’t look like it’s built for your mesh. Normal maps need to be built from the mesh because the colors are relative to the UV map of the mesh. If you just download somebody’s texture pack and try to use their normal map, yes, light reflecting the wrong way is likely.

(I don’t even know why texture peeps do that. Those images aren’t good for anything except planes. If they want to distribute this kind of stuff, they should be distributing it as high quality bump maps.)

But, also, if edge split is fixing anything, it makes me wonder if you have autosmooth enabled. You probably shouldn’t.

“Fixed” is a method of triangulation. Even on older versions, it should be an option on a triangulate modifier, and should be an option on the operator panel (probably f6 after triangulating.)