Normal map effected by color map and vice versa

Hi again
I have a color map.
When i create a normal map it has color and normal selected. I f i deselect color it deselects color on both the normal and color map if i select color again on the color map it selects it on the ormal map as well. Anyway to unlink the two

I’m not exactly sure what you’re trying to describe here, is it an issue with baking, rendering, materials ect…?

When i create a normal map it has color and normal selected

Is your image basically blue with red and green
– Like this example( something i am working on ) –

that looks like a normal normal map!

normal map are color coded and this is how it looks line UV editor or image editor!

in general normal map don’t go into any color input
and on image node you should select option no color!

to sue normal map you can sent it to an input call normal
with normal node or then on diffuse normal input ect…

show us your normal map nodes set up and we might help you!

happy bl

What I am experiencing is any bxxes ticked on my color texture paint slot are automatically ticked on the normal map.So if on my color paint slot i tick any boxes those same boxes are ticked on the normal map and vice versa.So here i ticked all the boxes on the normal map and they were auto ticked for the color map if i remove all the ticks from one map they will be removed from the other.