Normal map fails to show :(

Hi all,

Here’s how the low res with the normal map renders now"

Here’s the high res model:
As you can see the cup detail doesn’t show in the low res :frowning:

This is the normal map (from the Material preview):

Funny that we can see the cup details in the Material preview:

Here are my settings:

Thanks in advance guys,


Easy,you need a UV map,fore some strange reason. Just select all the faces ,use “U” and then “Smart Project” & now it should render.

How would you create the texture and normal map without uv unwrapping the object to begin with.


oh,that’s right…well then I have no idea,why it won’t show,sorry :frowning:

Someone else from another forum helped me finding the reason.
Sorry I didn’t come back to check before.
For some reason it takes a long time for to email me the alerts.

Thank you anyway guys :slight_smile: