Normal Map from B/W Bump


There are lots of ancient topics on this, so I don’t want to duplicate of course. But I can’t seem to find a straight answer, particularly in relation to the latest release of Blender. I tried the below to no avail.

I need a normal because I’m making glTF, so there isn’t a slot for bump.

I tried baking the emit of the normal map node in the shader editor, but this just doesn’t seem right to me. Below is the result of that baked emit. the object has UV mapping, which I think the bake of the emit doesn’t take into account.


AT the moment my workaround is taking a black and white image into Photoshop, but surely this must be a standard thing people need to do in Blender? Create a black and white mask texture with nodes and then be able to get a normal map from that.

I can’t share the blend file, the object is just an insole. So any simple object, with UVs and a shader with black and white texture.

The vector that the Bump node outputs, is in World space. Normal maps, on the other hand, are in Tangent space, with shifting and scaling to fit in the RGB spectrum.
To do that conversion, you need something like this:

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Thank you for this. Could you possibly update the instructions for 2.83+ ? Have any improvements/simplifications been made since?

looks like the link for nodes set up is dead ?

was this a free addon ?

happy bl

One of my addons has this functionality (normals from height)