Normal map from collection of objects

I had a tutorial years back about how to make a normal map by arranging objects above each other eg an inside of a semi-sphere above a plain to be an indent. Can anyone point me to this or something similar (looked through but couldnt find it)

I do feel like Im back at square one after not using blender for a few years!


you need to join all you ob then you an bake it as a normal map to a plane under it
call floating geometry normal map I think

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cheers rickyblender -ur a star!

there is another way for baking all ob in a scene
call something like space …
but this is for colors texture baking
so not certain if it an bake normal map !

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Nevermind …got it now…didnt have a low res to map it to! D’oh

if in cycles I think you need to go to option and add a new slot !

there is also now a save all files in option panel

check release notes for 2.74
changes to paint and UV editor

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