Normal Map from Textures Tutorial.

I have searched the forums and see that there is a way to create normal maps from geometry in blender. The link was

I was wondering if anyone has this cached or knows to where it moved.

Also, does one have to still recompile and edit blender to use normal mapping with RGB images?

blender still uses greyscale maps for bump maps last I heard, I dunno if anyone was working on an option [per texture] that would toggle normal color/greyscale bump maps. So, yeah, i guess you would need to compile or use another means of showing your material [like a glsl shader in the tuhopuu2 game engine]

as for the tutorial, I feel it could have been this one:

[I don’t know really, and that one is for cinema 4d]

well anway, my example .blend for my texture baker script has a material which can be used to bake normal maps from procedural textures [but if you use my script, seams are visible on the edges of uvmapped regions]

I’m currently using ORB to generate and view normal maps, it is free too.

z3r0 d’s script demonstrates the technique, however the script needs to be modified to preserve the normal when unwrapping. That’s probably non trivial.


I see from your blend file that you use the Blend texture and map that to the normal of each aspect of RGB and XYZ.

From there, it’s just baking it? Also, what would you say is the difference between the Texture Baking in Blender from that of your script, z3r0 d?

As for ORB, I would like to use it…but I have this Mac affliction that prevents me from using it :smiley:

EDiT: I can see why maybe not to use the Bake Texture script in Blender, the UV doesn’t align with the baked image.