Normal map gets messed up from 2.65a to 2.66

I updated to 2.66 from 2.65a and my projects with normal maps get messed up. Please check out the attached images with render. You will see what I mean. What changed in the normal mapping process that is making this happen? any help on this would be much appreciated. Thank you.



M. Lightning

I find a similar problem of M. Lightning. I don’t use Bender by long time, but I find difficulties to set up correctly the normal map compared to the 2.65 version of the program.

Can you elaborate on how you set things up so as to use the vector output on the attribute node?

I generally just use the texture coordinates node and so far haven’t seen any real major problems with normal map rendering, I’m not sure what your method via the attribute node is.

There is really nothing to elaborate on. The attribute node is because there is more than one UV layer on the object and that is just defining what UV to use. I even did it to something basic like a cube and the characteristics of the normal map have changed. There is something affecting the normal map that is different than the last version. Does anyone know what changed in regards to normal maps?

One thing interesting to note is that I am using an array modifier. When I check of merge it gets a little better but not fixed.

Does your normal map texture have black background? That could be the source of your problem.

Nope no black background. It is a normal map created in crazybump from a tiled texture from cg textures.