Normal Map help

Could someone help me solve a problem?

I’m trying to bake my normal map, I won’t be baking to low poly in this project so high to low normal bake isn’t needed however I’ve noticed that the normal values on my metallic trim aren’t being baked onto my normal map.

I’ve done the obvious and disconnected the metallic texture image and put the metallic value to 0 in Principled BSDF.

I’ve also made sure that the normals are facing outwards, all transforms have been applied and the mesh is manifold but I’m stumped.

Could someone take a look and let me know where I’ve gone wrong?

chest.blend1 (4.4 MB)

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As there are no images packed into the file, I’ve put some random noise into normal input to test baking.

The “metal” material baked successfully for me.
So… one possibility for you issue: did you select the target image in all of the baked materials? If “metal” were to be accidently left out, it would simply skip baking.

Yeah. Everything is all checking out my end. It’ll bake everything but the metal.


It is baking fine! There’s no normal data for the metal material I’m using!