Normal Map Help

I am trying normal maps for my game, and for some reason when i click noise, it is not applying corresctly, i have the right texture “UV mapped”, i have the material added to UV imput and subdivided, tried to add noise, and the figure isnt as is should be. how can i correct this?

What do you mean “noise”

If you mean the noise texture, it won’t work in games, you need to use an image texture.

If you mean the noise button in the editmode panels to add noise to the verticies of the mesh, it only works on the Z-axis, use the displacement modifier for displacement along the normal.

Sorry, I mean the noise button in editmode, after i have already surfaced a texture using the UV image panel and added it to materials, i subdivide and press “noise”. ( i press alt + Z and i can see my image)
I tried it again with a plane, so my object was more uniform using the same image and it worked.
For some reason when i click “noise” in the edit mode button it isnt using UV image layout but just applying the whole material.