normal map images not working in 2.5?

If I turn OFF the ‘Normal Map’ checkbox, then the Normal Map influence seems to work with whatever the image is, but if I import a real normal map and check that box, I get no bumping!
Either it’s a bug or I’m doing something wrong. I’ve tested it in several different recent builds from Graphicall.
Find attached .blend file. It’s been stripped down and packed so I hope it works for you.


brokenNormMap.blend (795 KB)

I don’t use 2.5 yet, but I think that it is like in 2.49b : In order to use a NOR map you have to enable an other button in the texture pannel and select “tangent” as mapping mode. Otherwize the Nor feature is set to greyscale BUMP instead of RGB NOR map.

I hope that this will help you.

It is exactly as you describe in 2.5 as well, which I am doing. As if the RGB NOR map mode is broken. (and I tried all the variants as well: camera, global, tangent, etc)

Well my version of blender shows no images have been packed into it

just upload the normal map here

i did not heard that normal map where not working in 2.5

but if you upoad it we can have a look


Sorry the packed image didn’t stick, but as indicated, you can try out anthing. (search google images for 'normal mapl and look for the purple guys.)

I’ve worked out one important detail that makes the normal maps work: UV unwrap them!
It’s a workaround because it shouldn’t matter, therefore the issue should still be considered to exist.
It works even though I left the mapping mode to ‘generated’. Maybe there is nothing to generate yet? Still seems like a bug. The unwrapping I’m doing creates a UV map exactly the same as the default, ie every poly is maxed out over the image.