normal map in cycles shows black spots

there are black spots in the final render, they dont show when I point the camara from above and change locations depending from where I see them, it seems to be from the normal map that I bake from a multiresolution model, as long I increase or decrease the strengt in the normal map node it crease or decrease, but it doesnt dissapear. I was looking from this error in the bugs report and it was someting similar involving setting the image texture to non color data. but as you see is not the problem, althoug setting it to color increases the size of the spots, it also shows up with the modifiers turned off
they show in the shoulder and the jacket collar


I would first check your geometry for overlapping faces, bad normals, and non-manifold surfaces and then make sure that you have a UVmap to act as the coordinates for the tangent space map (just setting the map to ‘reset’ will do).

I would also make sure that the strength is sensible, a high strength might mean artifacts at glancing angles due to how the normal value for that pixel is facing away from the camera.

sorry ace dragon for the late reply, I tought that I was going to recive an email when somebody answer, thankyou for the response, It didnt worked, I fixed it adding the velvet shader to a glossy one, didnt look the same but still looked good enought

So you take normalmap, make that artificially in some kind of b/w bump but use that to Mul another color. Multiply by black does what?
Then you paint velvet by that.
I’d rather mix two close colors and use ramp output for color mix factor.

If you have checked the mesh, I think the problem is that you are multiplying colors without using clamp option. So probably you are getting incoherent values for color. Try to check clamp in those nodes.