Normal Map in Image Editor? (Blender 2.49)


I have a normal map and a diffuse texture. I applied both textures to an object and it works, but I can’t manipulate them like I can when I’m in the Image Editor. Is it possible to use the Normal map in the image editor? If so, how?

Hmm, no solution?

I’m not quite sure what your problem is.
Possible to use the normal map in the image editor ? To do what ?

Using a normal map in the image editor would make it alot easier to manage (imo anyways). Now I know you can use a normal map in the image editor, but I don’t know how.

bump nothing?? :frowning:

You may not be getting any answers because you still haven’t made very clear what your question is. A normal map is just an image, and you can certainly open it in the image editor, just as you can any other image.

Personally though, I wouldn’t recommend editing a normal map by hand. Normal maps are, shall we say, not very intuitive. If you want to do some hands-on tweaking of the normals, a bump map might be a better option.

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can you make your question clear lol, it doesn’t make sense. Okaay that worked and yes you can edit stuff in the image editor, but do you want to edit how it looks on the object or how the uvmap looks!!!

Ok srry

In Blender you are able to use a normal map and apply it to an object through the Shading/texture panels in the buttons window. The normal map is usually opened by going to texture panel and then selecting “image” as the texture, and in the “map image” area, you select the the properties as to how you want the image to map on to the object (normal map, MinX, MaxX, etc)

My question is: Can I apply a normal map to an object by using the image editor?

I guess I’ll play around with blender until it gives me what I want.

You can use it to show the material in the 3d view but its not applied as a material.
If you uv unwrap your object you can use the image editor to show how the image is applied to your mesh. If you switch to GLSL and textured view you can see how the normal map works on your object to your object in the 3d view.

This may be a ramble and not relevant but I’m still not sure what you really want to know. If you’ve follow on questions make them clear and specific.

No. Hope that’s clear enough.

You’ve already described the “usual” way that normal maps are applied. AFAIK there aren’t any alternatives for mapping a texture to a mesh, only variations in the settings used.

Others have already answered questions that might come up regarding UVs in the UV/Image Editor and hand-editing normal maps.