Normal map issue

hello! so ive been messing with this normal map issue for about an hour and a half and im going nuts lol, ive not had this issue before so i was wondering if there was a fix for this X>

heres some screenshots of the sculpt and the normals im projecting.


(normals projected to the low poly model)

im sure this is me doing something stupid, but i dont know, its been a long day lol

PS: this is happening in both blender AND zbrush lol

Those are not necessarily issues. They may need to look like that, because the islands are flipped in a different direction. Normals are projected in X and Y, and particularly from one side to the other.

As an experiment, try baking a high poly cube onto a low poly. Then, flip one of the low poly UV faces and rebake. Notice how the normals in the render still look identical, even though in the texture itself, the normal colors appear to have shifted. It needs to do this because mapped normals need to go in a particular direction, no matter how the UV is oriented and flipped.

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huh, i never noticed this before, thanks for your imput!

Also make sure that your nodes are using non-color data for any maps other than those that use color, such as diffuse.