Normal Map Issues

I used to use normal maps through the scripts made available through graphics demos etc. But now since the apricot builds have been release, I decided I would do things the simple way. Right now, I’m having trouble getting the normal maps to work. I wanted to run this by you guys because I didn’t know if I got everything right.

I’m running The Mac Intel Apricot revision 15496.

The pictures below show my settings.

I’ve also got the “nor” button set under the map to tab.

I’m trying to get the normal map to work on the Delorean model below.



I hate to bump the thread, but I would like a reply.


That looks like a tangent space normal map not object space, set it to tangent in the texture window. Is the nor value set high enough?
Do you not see any difference at all when you apply the normal map?
Maybe it’s the build? Could you upload the blend, or a simple blend with nor mapped cube.



Hi, yournamehere. Do you have UV selected in the Map To options?

This is a little test .blend that I’m trying to get working. A very simple plane with a normal map that I created myself by rendering a face that I modelled. It seems to be bugged because when the plane is rotated, the image goes a bit strange (maybe in the creation of the normal map), but you might be able to see how I at least got my normal map to be applied. (2.11Mb, sorry, I think my image size is overkill…)

Hope this helps.

Edit: was composing my post and uploading whilst you were posting… Downloading file now :wink:

Got it working.


  1. Set the normal map to tangent.
  2. Select all faces of the car and assign the “RacingStripes” material. The “deloreon” material was active.
  3. Apply the car’s existing uv layer “UVTex” to the material, “carbody” does not exist.

Hehe. Nice one, PhantasmicNova. I got the UVTex thing, but not the RacingStripes bit. Where are you setting tangent? In map input? If i do that then the normal map is out of place… i set it to UVTex also…

Edit: I was only looking into this because I’m trying to get my head around UV texturing. I learned a surprising amount from this. Thanks ynh and phantasmic :slight_smile:

Edit 2: Got it! Tangent space is set under Map Image in the texture buttons (F6) ;). Looks great, yournamehere.

FunkyWyrm, the normal map you generated is not a proper normal map.
If you want to generate a normal map by just rendering a mesh, this blend has a shader(using nodes) to render (tangent) normals with, make sure the background world color is R=0.5, G=0.5, B=1.0 like in the blend when rendering the map.

You can change the difference value to make the normal map more subtle. 0.0 - 1.0

Thanks PhantasmicNova! I thought it was most likely my normal map. I used the mini tutorial (here: to render my normal map, but must have made a mistake or something.
I’ll put that .blend in my library :wink:

:eek: Loading BlenderNor.blend failed: File incomplete
Edit 2: Hahaha first ever corrupted download of a 144kb file I ever had… second download worked, thanks

Hey, i’ve been messing around witth this quite a bit since this morning, and I got as far as making all these maps for a simple cube. However, when i tried to put them on in the GE, it only shows the black and white displacement map. I would appreciate it if you could help me out. I didn’t want to make a new thread because I figured this is very similiar. Here is my .blend, It has a very simple layout.


Wonderful looking box!! I’ll not steal your fire by posting an image, but you have to show this to others.

The only thing wrong is the name that you gave to your UV map. By default, it’s called UVTex in the mesh panel of the editing buttons (F9). Since you specified the UV map UV_Box for all of your textures, you simply need to change the name in the mesh panel from UVTex to UV_Box :D.

I only just discovered this little subtlety today… In this thread, in fact ;). yournamehere had the same problem as he was using carbody instead of the default UVTex.

Keep blending. This looks great.

Edit: Just realised that I needed to turn on Blender GLSL Materials in the Game menu… Maybe you have this already on and the setting was just not saved in the svn version of Apricot Blender that I’m using.

I’m glad my questions could have been help to you. :wink:


Defintely a help. Hope you got the car sorted. I’m messing about with shaders, but my UV mapping is well below anything acceptable so every little gem of information is improving my knowledge immensely. Check out the wooden box. It’s great! (Don’t forget to change the name of the UV map ;))

Edit: I like the normal map that you put on the car, yournamehere… how do you make those?

Edit 2: nvm. Just found Looks like an interesting read…

I like the normal map that you put on the car, yournamehere… how do you make those?

I’m taking advantage of the mac “normal map generator”

It’s a nice free program and it makes my job easier in so many ways; however, it could technically be smarter to create the bump map first, then create a normal map from it. I did it directly from the texture.


That didn’t help. :frowning:

Wunderlust you didn’t have glsl enabled in the game menu, you’re using an apricot build right?
The GE doesn’t use displacement maps, the ambient map(your blend has no amb map so I just used the disp map in it’s place) can be used by just setting multiply blend mode(with color enabled).

The uv layer name in each texture slot was incorrect (thats why it’s red), “UVTex” was the correct name.

Here is the setup:

Wunderlust you didn’t have glsl enabled in the game menu, you’re using an apricot build right?

umm… no, i don’t have an apricot build , where do i download?

edit: will this one work?

Wunderlust, the version that you posted is the one that I’m using, and seems to work fine, but there is newer build that will probably have more bug fixes.
There was a nasty bug that crashed on exiting a game using the GLSL features before about version 15450 so avoid those. I’d say just go for the latest build you can find.
I think that I read a rumour of an official 2.47 build using some of the developments in the Apricot version before version 2.5, but there is a lot to be done so not sure of this.

Whenever I add a spotlight it crashes )=

That’s a shame :(. Spotlights are currently the only lights that support real-time shadows. The crash might be a result of a bug in this new feature.
Did you manage to get the box to display correctly with other lights?