Normal map made with Blender 2.5

Good morning :slight_smile:

I use to do normal map within Blender, baking Nmap texture from Hi-poly to Low-poly
by using the baking normal button !

But even if i use the same technique than before, Blender crash anytime i try to get it !
I don’t understand why, the memory is not overloaded and my models are not to complex, 2 000 vertex on my test file.

Is that only because the version is not stable ?

2d thing, I would like to get a buttons panel with preview and one button to produce NormalMap in one click from selected object, is the API is already including these operators ? where to find it ! (i did looking at all documentation about !)

thanks for your answer !
I also have problems baking.

Could you please make a bug report for both of us? Post both .blend files (mine and yours)
For some strange reason, i can’t report bugs :confused:

I see…ok, i try to do it shortly as possible…we need that Nmap baking tool ready !

@FreeMind, the link in your tread is death, i would like to try your file.

Cheers mib


It’s not dead.
Just rename the stars to “Paste All”

Ah, sorry, try with

Cheers, mib

EDIT: The bakeing works, but it is something wrong with your file.
Some meshes are hided, ao and sss is on (work with but not necessary at this point).
I don’t understand whats high and whats low, but the lowpoly have to unwrap.
I think the best is to append your mesh in a new file and start again.
Btw. nice sculpting :slight_smile:

Cheers mib

Why are you guys still bothering with this.

Use xnormal for all your baking needs. It bakes, converts textures reprojects textures. Virtually every type of map that you need or even dont need. Has support for dx11 supported maps. Dont know if vector displacement is in but it should be by now.

Accounts for clocking objects layering objects.

Also its completely freee.

Set up all the objects for your character propperly and it will render out all layers for each map to assigned folder. I think it may even output layered psd’s.

Dude, it isn’t humanly possible to get people to not post support questions in ‘News & Discussion’.

Oh wait…

You meant why are they not using a windows only non-libre program instead of blender didn’t you?

yeah, I still do all my bakes in .49, surprisingly I have yet to have problems importing my 2.5 sculpts. :slight_smile:

@Uncle Entity

Yes the second one.

I do apologize for my tone in the first post.

I think the population of blender users running on windows is increasing and it would be helpful for them to know about this app.

I wasn’t sure if it was cross platform so i checked it out. It is strictly on windows and wine has absolutely no support for it.

However it seems that the developer has plans to make xnormal cross platform.

Also im pretty sure this app is free to use commercially or otherwise.

Just trying to help people :wink:

Edit: I just realized there was an original thread for this. Well at any rate it will reach the op.

I think the population of blender users running on windows is increasing

i think not, because win is a s****, and because we must run into legal activities !
And i see everyday linux distros are more and more present in education ! it’s a sign…

Anyway, i found the way to do in a proper way the NormalMap IN blender, thanks

Explain about the NM, uriel.

btw, did anyone post any bug reports about baking? (Can’t find image to bake to, crashing, etc.)
I just looked through all 9 pages of open bug reports in the bug tracker, and i didn’t find anything about baking crashing, maybe i missed.


did anyone post any bug reports about baking?

No, i would like to do it, but if some are more experimeced with bug report page, please, do so !

About NMap, i’m surprised to see the color of the normal map goes to yellow/green ! is it not blue/pink ?

It’s Red Green Blue. For each axis.

Are you using the latest revision or are you using the beta from
The crahsing was fixed some time ago by brecht.

My problem is not the crashing.
Blender can’t find an image to bake to. On my file at least.
(Even though the image is set correctly)


Its just an alternative for people who want one. It seems at this point in time some Blender users would appreciate it.

Dont get me wrong Im all for improving blender’s baking. Lets call this a goal for development :).

Also a yellow green map is probably an object space normal map.
Blue purple is tangent space. Unless there is something bugged and the channels are flipped.

And you mentioned that linux is more prominent in education. Do you have any links?

I would like to read.