Normal Map makes my render dark!

Using Cycles and Principled Shader. I’m using an image texture to connect my normal map (png) to the Normal attribute of the Principled shader

this is the render with only a Color map

This is what happens when I connect the normal map to the Normal attribute… can anyone explain why everything gets so dark? Nothing else has changed except for me adding the normal map. Thanks in advance

btw here’s my normal map

Here’s my node editor… thank you

You need to string the normal texture through a normal map node first (with the type menu set to ‘tangent space’).

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AHHHHH i seriously just did this after reading blender stack exchange… THANK YOU

I suppose if I were to use a black and white image I wouldn’t need the Normal Map node…

Might want to use non-color data for the image texture setting.

If you use b&w you wold use a ‘bump’ node.

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