Normal map material


I want to make a few seamless textures in the blender internal renderor…

do we have a material that makes normal maps correct RGB in the render window?

I dont mean to bake…

Thanks :slight_smile:

Ask me in French, with a whisper, and I might consider answering you.

Bonjour !
Je veux faire quelques textures sans couture dans le renderor interne de mélangeur…
avons-nous un matériel qui fait à des cartes de normale le RVB correct dans la fenêtre de rendu ?
Je ne veux pas dire pour faire cuire au four… :slight_smile:

oui! voila -

Merci mon ami. :smiley:

du rien. j’espère que vous appréciez.

Normal Maps will give the expected results only if you use them with flat surfaces

This was written for 2.37, is it still the same with 2.44?

Thanks. I ask because on a character model after applying the normal, it left black lines like a tune character, defining the depth.

I was unable to adjust it. But, it was the first time I tried it in the nodes and the first time I used them also…so it could be me.

But I was thinking, perhaps its another way to make toons in the GE?

No. Enable NMap TS (must be something like NormalMap TangentSpace) for any non planar surface you’re using Normal maps for. That works like a charm and gives excellent results, at least in my current project.

Otherwise, without that button, the results were quite…funny.

Thank you very much.