Normal map not rendering

OK, so I’m back to Blender after a 2 or so year hiatus; I just got a new swishy Alienware machine with lots of big beefy power and sutff, so I figured I’d start meshing again.

My first idea was for something simple to start… a NES controller. However, I’m struggling to get my normal map to work.

It works OK in the render preview, but doesn’t show when I render fully.

Here’s the .blend: nescontroller.blend

Can anyone enlighten me as to how I messed this up?

I don’t see a Normal Map in your file… neither a texture that would be set for that use.

did you pack the textures??

well, I opened it, saw the preview render window, which I didnt even bother looking at, cos thats not very reliable. closed that. turned on texface, and hit render. and got that.

having just tried it with texface turned off, that didnt even matter. but then I dont know what Im looking for

Flip normals for the black button and try again. It is there, but it is barely visible:-

You could try increasing the contrast or using it with the displacement modifier.