Normal map only showing on one face | Lock Z mapping of the texture

As you can see on my pictures below the normal map I applied is only visible on one face of my object (I increased the strength of better visibility).

I mapped the textures to the global position so i could rescale the object without the texture messing up.

Second question is:

Can I lock the mapping in the z axis so when i move the object up and down the mapping stays the same?

Any help is appreciated!

Thanks in advance!

Apply object scale.

Could separate and combine coordinates where x and y comes from position and z comes from object texture coordinates.

Thanks a lot, separating the coordinates is working fine for me.

Normalmap on the other hand is not working even after I applied scale (+rotation). Strangely though it’s now working for all sides except of 2 (no matter how i rotate the object, these two stay the same) :confused: