Normal map renders colours? :S

im trying to use normal maps, rendering them from (fairly simple) hi-poly meshes, and applying them to lo-poly meshes. It all works, fine, shading comes up in the render properly, but i renders with the colour of the normal map as well!
I have the texture set to “NOR”, “normal map” in the texture buttons>image panel, and the uv mapping is all fine. If I look at the preview window (the ball, plane, cube, monkey bit) it seems fine, but when rendered, it becomes all purply green.
thx for help.

edit: hmm… it seems that whatever is in the uv/image editor window will show in renders no matter what…
oh well I’ll be using UV textures anyway…

If you have the NOR Texture set only to NOR (COL is off) then only the color of the UVMapped image should be showing.