Normal Map Seam Issue

When rendering my model with it’s normal map applied, bumped seams appear(more frequently when rendered at a further distance.

-Using Blender 2.64
-Model is a human, 2 blender units tall, 1:1 scale
-4K Normal Map baked from Multires modifier with 20px margins
-No issues with UV map
-Applied normal map as color and found no artifacts or seams
-Adjusting render subdivision on multires has no influence on the seams

Is this a common problem? What are some possible causes or fixes? Thanks in advance, let me know if you need more information.

try and set the margin to 64 and see if it either makes the problem go away or pushes it further into the distance.

Extending the margins did not change anything.

I ended up finding a solution that doesn’t really make sense. I switched on “UV Project” in the material options. I didn’t think that changed anything without using the “UV Project” modifier.

Could you make the failing version of the blend file available?

I unfortunately can’t share the model or textures. My fix seems to be working so far. However, I will post in more detail later if I find out more about the cause of the issue.