Normal map, sections go black??

Hello everyone. I am making a assault rifle for a game i’m going to make (or try to make).
Since i’m not good at texturing I’m just using a reference image for my texture.
Heres my problem. When i apply the normal map, certain sections go black. Why is this and how can i fix it? Thanks.


check out if all the normal are outward !

happy 2.5

What do you mean by outward? Flip the normals? (tried it doesn’t work)
I’m using 2.49 if it helps.

Try ctrl + n (Recalculate Outside) or have a look to F9 Mesh Tools More -> Draw Normals.
Or maybe double faces.

Cheers mib

Ya, I have tried to recaculate it, and it didn’t do anything. What does the draw normals thing do? All it shows me are a bunch of ‘hairlike’ things sticking up out of random spots.
Any other ideas?
Thx for the help btw.

some of the normals are probably not outward so need to select theses faces and flip the normal !

show us in edit mode the normal for theses faces that are darker

happy 2.5

That’s what I though. As i posted earlier, I tried that and it did not work.
Just in case it wasn’t obvious enough, I am running glsls, and this is NOT a render, It is a screenshot from before i click ‘p’. Yes, it look exactly the same in game as it does out of game.
I know the normals are facing the right way, because i have tried that already. Is it something wrong with my normal map, or are you sure its the faces??

Your normal map is fine so I suspect it is the model itself or the UV unwrap. Without access to the model and textures you’re making it difficult for anyone to pinpoint the exact cause. Attach the blend and textures to your post.

Here is the model with the textures. Without clip, or red dot sight.

I Hope it’s not something that i completely missed, otherwise I will feel very stupid, but grateful at the same time.
Hope you guys can figure it out.

[ATTACH=CONFIG]120691[/ATTACH]if this is not in the render then it’s possible to have darker areas even if the normal ar all outward

i tried adding an edge split modifier and does not change things !

see render here !

can you pin point where the problem is in the render shown here or make one
or show the area in you glsl screen where the rpoblem is !

happy 2.5

[ATTACH=CONFIG]120693[/ATTACH]does the map fit precisely over the model here ?


some areas seems to ahve double faces above each other

this may create some darker areas
is it what the problem is here ?


Hmmm, very interesting. Yes, it seems that the black spots are only where they overlap. What i can do is just reorganize the layout of the unwrap.
I will get back to you if it doesn’t work, otherwise thank you so much for your help!