Normal Map Texturing

Hi All! I Have a lowpoly game creature that I sculpted and then baked the normals. But the low poly creature didn’t have a mouth or fangs. I added one while sculpting. So how do I texture the back of the fangs? First pic is high poly, second pic is lowpoly.


Do you need to “texture the back of the fangs?” Is anyone ever going to see them? (Is your scenario based on the Biblical story of Jonah and the Whale?)

If the answer is “no,” then your problem has just vanished. Hollywood routinely builds sets for “buildings” that are only one foot deep, with an entirely different set for the interiors. Unless it actually matters how those teeth look from the backside, don’t give them the time of day.

If the answer is “yes,” probably the best approach is to use projection painting. You are, literally, “spray-painting upon the target bitmap,” which has (probably) been UV-mapped using some automatic technique.

No they don’t really need to be texutred but they need to be white otherwise it would look wierd with the back bieng default gray. But I forgot about projection painting… I will try that!