normal map with orb

Somebodi can tell me the proces to get a normal map with orb??

starting to blender mesh > exporting > orb > normal map image

thank’ss :smiley: :smiley:

Tell us more about Orb. The file type it uses for example.


Simple. I was testing it with Blender Zbrush and anger.
You first and formost MUST have your low poly mesh completely unwrapped. If it is not unwrapped you will never see the effect.

Make a HIGH poly mesh fully detailed. Now make a low poly version of it, It is best to just make a new version as close as you can to get the form the same, now UNwrap it somehow.

3 ° Triagulate both meshes with alt T I think. This must be done as ORB will not take squares yet.

4° Export into .obj

5° • drop both meshes into the root folder of ORB with the program itself.

6^ Type __------> importmodel (modelname of the High poly mesh.obj) (space) (modelname of the Low poly mesh.obj) ‘Hit enter’

Type ---------> Renderbump (name of file you want the images to be ) ‘Hit enter’

That is IT !
Now to get the most power ‘before’ the command ‘renderbump’ type _-------------> tangentspace off

now to see the mesh when it is done press ~ key , That is the Tidlth ( i guess)
~ ~~~~~~~~

HAppy ! .

The problemm with all of thsi is simple. It you do not unwrapp the model correctly it will not show up clean. There is no Normal mapping in Blender short of the patch from eeshlo. And the most problemmatic, there is no way to make SUPEr uber fine details yet in Blender only the Up and coming Zbrush, which is not out yet,( whenever, if ever)