Normal map with Principled BSDF doesn't render properly

I don’t really understand how to use bump but I’ll try, it works proper when I used it as displacement though lol.

I didn’t know that is possible, I’ll try right away for that. Thanks!

Yeah, that’s just not a normal map. Keep in mind each pixel of a normal map encodes a vector in a very specific way, and you can’t just change the colors willy-nilly and expect it to work.

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Because that map you have is just a tinted bump map, that is why it works. There is a “bump” node, use that to generate normals, then plug that into the “normal” input.

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I see… Well at least I do learn a lot of thing from this experience, especially with the feedbacks, definitely worth it to post it here. Thanks!

I’ve heard that bump map and normal map is essentially the same thing but I guess I will try that soon

Duly noted, I will have to understand how to properly bake one first though haha

That’s what I’ve always been doing for the past few years though haha, and I just knew that now, thanks for the info!

Well atleast now I understand a lot of thing I might have missed in the learning.

I see… Well that works, but the result is quite horrendous lol. It’s certainly not as pretty as when it was set up as normal map but the lighting lit up the whole plane.
Thanks for the info though!

Just as a quick tip, if you want to create normal maps from base textures you can use one of many free specialized apps instead of photoshop. (many of these apps can be found online)
I would personally recommend materialize which contains many option and realtime viewer.

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Ah I see, I’ll keep that in mind and try out once I got my hands on it, thanks!

If you use Photoshop I recommend to use the generate normal map filter to produce accurate normal maps.

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A good way to check if a normal map behaves as expected is to use it on a sharp glossy shader on a flat plane, and see how the background reflects in it.

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My version of CS6 doesn’t have that somehow, I heard that feature is only on Extended edition, buying a new one is currently not an option. But thanks for the info!

I see, that sounds viable, I’ll try that once in a while and see how it looks. Thanks for the info!

There is also a free online normal map generator that I use quite a bit:
I recommend it if you do not have any other software already.

Ok, if you have an old version of Photoshop you can use this free plugin from nvidia to make normal maps.