Normal mapping and texture baking in blender 2.5?

Hi, I’m completely new to Blender, and I have a few questions. If anyone can answer them to me I’d be grateful.

Since I just started with blender, I decided to make a simple project, so I’m making a simple book. It has hard leather covers, and I just applied leather texture to a material, I haven’t go into creating a UVs and painting textures in photoshop. I created a new texture and just applied leather image in textures bar to it. I also created a normal map from that same texture in photoshop so that it would follow the original image texture.
I found some tutorials on how to apply normal map in 2.49, but I can’t seem to find a way to do this in 2.5. When I select my normal map in textures, I can see option under section “Image sampling” that has check that says “Normal map” but I don’t think that’s it. :confused:

I have attached my blend file, so if anyone can check where’s the problem.

And one more question. When I’m done applying my textures to materials, etc… can I go and unwrap my model, and bake all of this materials to one image as a texturing reference to serve me later? I noticed that there’s a bake button under a rendering options, but haven’t seen any field in which I’d specify to which image I’d be baking my textures.

Thanks in advance! :smiley:


knjiga.blend (141 KB)

Ok, a little update. I managed to get my normal map to work. Apparently I had to go to influence, and under the diffuse uncheck the colour option, and check the normal under geometry section. I missed this earlier.

But I’m still interested in baking this materials on UV. If anyone can explane me the process that would be great.

Ok. I managed to figure everything by experimenting a bit. Maybe I’ll make a video on this topic so I can help other people having the same problem. (Since I haven’t got much help over here XD)