Normal mapping , B&W or coloured ?

i know ,that to use a bump map , if u use a b n white image it uses it and somehow it makes the effect of depth.

But what is this normal mapping for , or whats the difference between normal mapping and bump mapping , and whats this kind of textures for , and how do you get this kind of colors ?

i saw something similar in carzy bump

Here, Read this:

btw, bump mapping is only black or white which makes the bumps blocky or so, i coloured normal maps you can have gradients to make soft and gradual bumps.

Thanks for the good link, Juggler, although I have already worked with Normal Maps, one can never have enough infos…

Giorgio, don’t forget to use Blender’s Tangent Space Normal Mapping for non-planar objects, enable it in the Material buttons, Shaders Tab, or you’ll get “funny” results. For some more infos, look here:

Here’s a better link still:

allright !

thanx, now , i read the tutorial , and i understand it.

i can make the normal map of cornelieus or any other mesh , but how do i do the normal map of a flat texture ?

like , a stone wall ?

You need a program or plugin (for e.g. Photoshop) that converts Images / Bump maps to a normal Map. There are some free tools around, just do a quick search.

The results are fine, I have already worked with such maps - much more precise than Bump Maps only.

The method that you learned for Cornelius should work for a wall now, shouldn’t it. It produce Object space NM which are good for fixed and moving objects but not for object that are submitted to deformations (characters, waves on an ocean…)
The plugins to transform B&W bump maps (a.k.a. ‘heightmaps’) into NM are good but the results can’t be as detailed as a NM generated directly from a model.
Another mean of generating NMs is to use a detailed model and a lowpoly one to project the details of the former on the latter. This is done by using programs like ORB or DeNormGen. Feeblemind has an excellent tutorial on the use of DeNormGen in the last BlenderArt. Those programs generate Tangent Space NMs that are good for all applications including deforming meshes.