Normal Mapping + Cycles


I’m having some trouble placing the normal map on top of my regular texture. My model is a building separated in multiple parts, and I’m focusing specifically on the cube shaped building with bricks on the left. I’d like some clarification, to see if I correctly connected the nodes - since I don’t see any visible changes in the model. I also attached a link to the .blend file, because I’d like to know why the texture of the building with which I am working is elongated on the sides in Cycles. This only happens in Cycles , by the way, and perhaps you can see how the texture is not uniform.

Thanks for your help!


The texture you are using as a normal map is not actually a normal map, it is a bump map.
In place of the Normal Map node use a Bump node

Also note that the lighting has a big impact on the visible effect of the bump map, flat even lighting will not show a great effect