Normal mapping in cycles. Are you serious?

(Uthu Santuhan) #1

How do one really input the correct number in cycles baking?

I go up and down. Wasting time. Can’t get the correct amount. Not simple at all! Is this a joke?

(Daedalus_MDW) #2

it looks like your uvmap isnt padded enough? make sure theres lots of space between all the uv islands.

(FinalBarrage) #3

i see so many things you did wrong, send the blend file for a review

(Uthu Santuhan) #4

Here it is

(FinalBarrage) #5

Looking into it, reply will come soon

Edit: Alright im making a video response instead where i try to explain it in detail, so i can re-use it, cause this is a topic that gets brought up too often. I tried once already, but im doing another take in bout an hour, my voice got tired.

(rawalanche) #6

Judging by the topics you’ve created on this forum, you are still a beginner.

You are right, it’s not simple at all. Despite how some of the youtube videos make it look, doing CG work is not as simple as opening a piece of software and immediately producing high end artwork. Those people who do usually invested often 1000s of hours to achieve that skill level.

So no, it’s not a joke. It’s not that it’s difficult so that they can make fun out of users. It’s difficult because of many reasons you will realize as your skill improves. There are dozens, even hundreds of tiny pieces of information you will learn along the way. In case of normal map baking, relations between cage distance, ray distance, etc…

But if you want to get somewhere with your skills, I’d suggest a more open minded approach to learning, than assuming everything will be simple and anything that isn’t is a joke. :slight_smile:

(Uthu Santuhan) #7

I promise I’ll be more calm. with mine wording. So sorry.

(Uthu Santuhan) #8

I appreciate. Thx bro

(Uthu Santuhan) #9

Diz May help

Baking from Multires:

(Uthu Santuhan) #10

I finally have helped myself and re-topo and UV seamed my sculpt to get that right normal.

By using the normal bake from the multi resolution.

Ye ye ye ye :stuck_out_tongue:

Any question from newbies about this normal thingie. I will respond without holding back. :slight_smile:

As the bible stated, Money I don’t have on me, but what I get freely, I shall gave unto yous freely also :slight_smile: