normal mapping issue

so i have character head that iam working on and i have sculpted it and made a lo poly version of it but when i go and bake normal’s and go into making it just a texture and hit the geometry of it to get the normal map to show up it gets so distorted and i have know idea why or if there is another way of applying a normal map to a character?

Please check the following:

  • Do all the face normals point in the right direction.
  • Is both the highpoly sculpt and the lopoly version set to smooth shading.
  • is the lopoly mesh properly unwrapped.
  • Did you first select the high poly mesh and then shift-selected the low poly one.
  • Is the baking distance properly set.

These were just the issues with normal baking I know from the top of my head. Could you maybe post some screens? Then I can be a little bit more specific.