Normal mapping issues

Hello, I seem to have some problems baking a normal map to my models. This is a creature head ive been working on i sculpted the high poly verson and made the low poly verson by lowering the multires etc etc. But when i bake it i get this wierd blocky results ive never had a good bake ever is there something im doing wrong? please help and also if u want the blend to look at i can post it. Thank you very much

I don’t rightly know whether the tessellation that I am seeing is caused by the geometry or by wrongly-facing normal vectors or perhaps something else. Turn on the display of normal-vectors and fly around the model closely. Compare a normal-map taken from the high-res geometry to the map taken from low-res. Either one can be used.

Hmm, is your model set to smoothed? That looks like the vertex normals are at the wrong angles.