Normal Mapping

I allready know about the techniques of how to normal map flat surfaces,
but how, and if, do I normal map something ‘3D’ like a ball for instance.

Is it only possible through a script or something?

This is something I would really like to be able to do in blender,
so thank you very much in advance!

You could use this script:

and bake the vertex colors with the UVpainter script (delivered with Blender).

Try this link

You need to have both high poly and low poly version of that “sphere”. You need to export them to separate files and use some util to generate the normal maps.

I used ORB (don’t know where to get it anymore), in my on-going project

There is also some normal mapping util by nvidia, but I can’t get it working. Maybe someone can post the urls here, or you can search in google?

Thank you!
I think it might be pretty good: it bakes the Normals into the Vertex colors, then Bakes those into a UV mapped image, then use the image on the low-poly version :slight_smile:

I have seen that, but it’s for 2D normal maps, I wan’t to make ‘3D’ maps…

I once tryed to use ORB, never go it to work,though :expressionless:
How would I use ORB’s exported Normal Map image in Blender?

Thanks guys :stuck_out_tongue:

You use the normal map exported by ORb (named something_loca.tga) as texture and simply turn on the “Normal Map” button in the texture window.

Try this for gimp. Works very well.

Of course :expressionless:
I mean’t “how whould I coordinate it in Blender?”
I’d imagine that just loading an image would go all over the place.

Anyway, I’ve been using the Vertex Normals script, it seams to work pretty well.

OK, I’ve been fooling around with a model (fom a Tutorial) I made a while ago, and tryed to normal map it.
The Hi-Poly Version is 8690 Polygons, all Quads.
The Low-Poly one is 378 polys, all Tris.

I UV mapped the Hi-Poly version, and UV’ed the Low-Poly version as simularly as I could, Baked the Normals of the Hi-Poly one with the Vertex Normals Script, then applyed the Image to the Low-Poly one in the UV/Image Editor, and co-ordinated it as good as I could.
So here is the Final Version:

There are several Seams where the UV Sections come to gether, and the tip of the nose is terible, but I seems to be the best way to do it, right? 8)